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Rás na hÉireann
Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann
Sport & Culture Week 2013
The Gathering of Athletes -
Local, National and International,
Dunleer AC Members and Friends
Armagh International Road Race Feb 14th 2013
Rás na hÉireann International Cross Country Feb 17th 2013
2013 Results Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann Senior
Juvenile Results
2013 Armagh International Road Race
Brendan Gregg, Ethan Shaw, Tristan Mannix, Eric Ashe, Samuel Alexander, Keith Hanson (Coach)
USA Ladies
Mary Kate Champagne, Joan Bohlke
French Men
Jacky Delauny, Michel Chatelaint, Herve Caderon
French Ladies
Isabelle Caderon, Cristina Chatelaint
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Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann International Cross Country promoted by Dunleer Athletic club will take place on February 17th 2013 at Oldbridge, incorporating "The Gathering" and a Week of Sport & Culture with Armagh AC Road Race on Thursday 14th February 2013.
Dunleer Athletic Club and the Rás na hÉireann Committee would like to invite everyone to participate and/or attend. The Coca Cola Rás event will be part of the Gathering 2013 and we would like to see many former athletes and Club members to return to Ireland for the event. Press Release
In 2013, the focus will be on encouraging former members and their families to return to Ireland from abroad to participate in the Rás na hEireann Sport & Culture Week. There will be an International Road Race in Armagh on Thursday 14th February and an International Cross Country Race at the Battle of the Boyne site in Oldbridge Drogheda on Sunday February 17th 2013.
Dunleer A.C. has enjoyed co-operation with Armagh Athletic Club for many years in hosting an International Sport & Culture Week. The event encourages participation in sporting and cultural events, helps to develop links between communities on both sides of the border here in Ireland, while reaching out to athletes in Europe and the USA.
Newsflash January 27th 2013
Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann International Cross Country
Preparation for the Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann International Cross Country continues as the day of the event draws nearer. There are 8 confirmed visitors from the USA coming to the Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann to help Dunleer Athletic Club celebrate the 2013 Rás as well as the Gathering in Ireland. No doubt our US visitors will discover some Irish roots when they visit and it is hoped that Irish athletes from overseas will also come home to run the Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann and enjoy the Week of Sport & Culture, with the two main sporting events, International Road Race in Armagh on Thursday 14th February and International Cross Country on Sunday February 17th, in Oldbridge, with kind permission from the OPW.
Any athletes or sports enthusiasts who would like to find out more about the Coca Cola Rás na hÉireann should visit the Club website www.dunleerac.net or Race website for entries www.rasnaheireann.com. As well as our seasoned cross country runners, the Club would like to see joggers and walkers participate in the 3km Larry Mc Guill run, the event finale at 2.30pm. Entry to the cross country event is just €5 for adults and €2 for children. Visitors will have the chance to enjoy all Oldbridge House has to offer on the day as the Tearooms and exhibition are open to visitors on the day. Visit http://www.battleoftheboyne.ie for details.
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Home of (Larry Mc Guill) Rás na hÉireann since 1970
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